TLC+ has one location and is designed for special education students with histories of emotional and/or behavioral problems that have adversely affected their educational progress. Students in the high school program may earn credits leading to a high school diploma. Elementary and middle school aged students undertake a course of study in academic areas similar to their general education peers of the same age. The program is designed to prepare students to return to less-restrictive schools closer to their neighborhoods. An intensive effort is made to help students acquire the skills necessary to accomplish this goal.

Family cooperation, support, and participation are important elements to successful involvement in the TLC+ School. Students are expected to attend school daily and to follow the program's policies. Emphasis in the program is placed on developing skills such as stress reduction, social skills, problem-solving strategies, classroom study skills and life skills. A positive, group-oriented social climate os essential in the classroom to facilitate both academic learning and pro-social behavior. Although group instruction and group activities are important parts of TLC+, each student's unique academic and social/emotional needs are recognized on his or her I.E.P., and are addresses while in attendance at TLC+.

TLC+ offers a highly structured setting with a staff to student ratio of approximately 1:4. Additionally, the campus offers a wide range of on-site services including a pro-active therapeutic behavior management program, music therapy, orientation assessments, transitional planning, and social skills training. A variety of electives, on-line courses, extra-curricular activities and credit recovery programs are available to the students.

Curriculum and Instruction 

TLC+ offers a California Standards based curriculum. We use state approved curriculum adopted by our local school districts. In addition we offer a credit recovery component and research based intervention programs to help remediate academic skills. Our teachers work collaboratively to provide project based, cross-curricular and experiential learning opportunities for our students whenever appropriate. 

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To support individual learning styles through a variety of experiences building on strengths and using differentiated activities to enrich student learning.​


To promote student creativity by providing opportunities to participate in hands-on electives, field trips, and community outreach programs. ​


To offer a safe and stimulating education setting for students with individualized education needs, where a standards-based curriculum is offered through a fully qualified and supportive team of educators.